ESP 2.0

Featuring – Tony Lowe : Peter Coyle : Mark Brzezicki : Richard Smith : Pete Clark

‘22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ – Album Line-Up (Release 20/04/2018) is the new collaboration between Tony Lowe (Cross & Fripp / Simon Townshend / Bram Stoker) Peter Coyle (ex-Lotus Eaters) and Mark Brzezicki (Procol Harum / The Cult / Phil Collins). Coming after the successful debut of their first album ‘Invisible Din’, the 2016 release which earned over 14 top reviews by the music industry; this incarnation features Peter Coyle, who was recently described as ‘one of the most under-rated singer/songwriters in the UK’. Joining forces with renowned composer/producer Tony Lowe to write these deeply evocative and stunningly original songs, merging passionate vocals and intricate soundscapes. Sometimes using complex rhythmic structures – supplied by ace session drummer Mark Brzezicki, overlaid with modern progressive rock elements and orchestral movements, the music creates an intense, dramatic but ultimately uplifting experience. See – ESP 2.0 – The Back Story.

‘Invisible Din’ (the 2016 release)

Evocative and ambitious…we’re dealing with quality” PROG magazine
Glorious and traditional British prog rock!” Prog Notes Special