ESP 2.0 – The Back Story

ESP 2.0 – The Back Story

by Tony Lowe – 13/01/18

Tony Lowe : Producer to ‘David Cross & Robert Fripp’, John Foxx, Toyah, Bram Stoker, Simon Townshend and more. Currently producing Pete Banks tribute album ‘Crossover’ featuring David Cross and members of King Crimson and Yes. Guitars with Simon Townshend, Roger Daltrey, Pet Shop Boys, Modern English, Julian Lennon and many more.

In January 2018, I started writing music for a second ESP album and on Wednesday this week we finished mastering nine new tracks. This project has taken some very interesting twists and turns since I started writing the first album, Invisible Din in 2015. Before the release of that album we looked at playing live with everyone on the album, but that was harder than we thought, with the availability of everyone at the same times, nigh on impossible. With 10 musicians all living in different parts of the UK, all having their own bands and projects to think about, it was never going to be easy. Even the warm up gig for the Launch was becoming a nightmare with some of the band not being able to get to the sound check. As every performer knows, that can be deadly on a first night.

Tony Lowe - The Stables MKI started writing the second album and was having real problems getting any lyrics that felt fresh.  Although the music flows easily I’m not a great lyricist and it takes me forever to write anything original. At this time, I got an email from Peter Coyle who had worked with Mark Brzezicki on various ‘Top of the Pops’ and live gigs in the 80s and they met again at a festival last year. Mark had mentioned the project to him and “…would I be interested in a vocal collaboration?” As it turned out… Peter’s lyrics and wonderful voice were a perfect match for my music and concepts, and I’ve since realised that he has a rich vein of material out there, and a strong, emotive and versatile voice.

After six months of development and many audio files flying between Buckinghamshire and South West France, we now have something I could never have imagined a year ago. Peter hasPeter Coyle - The Stables MK written some wonderful, highly descriptive lyrics which have developed into a new concept alongside a short story that encapsulates the words and music so well. I’m also pleased to say that we have a five- piece band that is committed to as many live performances as possible. There will also be a visual element to these shows and some strange but interesting and I hope different aspects of performance during the show.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone involved! Mark Brzezicki, Peter Coyle, Richard Smith and Pete Clark for being wonderful musicians and performers. Fil Ross for recording Mark’s drums. Nick Watson for a superb job at Fluid Mastering. Chery Strinall for putting in many long days and her continued support and enthusiasm with Sunn Creative. Roland Hyams for PR. I also have to mention and thank all those that made the first album so special and helped get the whole thing off the ground.David Cross, David Jackson, Steve Gee, Phil Spalding, Alison Fleming, John Young, Yumi Hara, Pat Orchard and John Beagley. Many sincere thanks to everyone that has bought the first album and supported us so far. 2018 is going to be a great year. TL


Tony Lowe and the ESP 2.0 Project are signed to Sunn Creative – the indie label managed by Cheryl Stringall, formed to promote and release music produced solely by Tony Lowe. In February 2018, Peter Coyle also signed to the label/ESP 2.0 Project and will be a permanent fixture of further releases.

’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ takes a different direction in prog from the first release, ‘Invisible Din’, by utilising classic musical experimentation, a hallmark of the early progressive rock bands and the general theme of the ESP 2.0 Project with fluidity and innovation at the core. It follows that further releases will also align to this standard.

Live events will be accompanied, where possible, by an immersive light and projection show. TICKETS.

’22 LAYERS OF SUNLIGHT’ is set for release on 20th April 2018 and will be released as a 4 panel Digipak, replicated CD with a 12-page booklet (with free digital download) on Bandcamp by Sunn Creative and CDs stocked by selected outlets with digital releases eventually on iTunes and Amazon.

‘Invisible Din’ CDs can be purchased here.